In 2011, two creative female entrepreneurs came together with a shared vision to make art that would transcend ideas about niche.

They combined an MFA in painting with a BS in Chemistry to create a beloved alchemy for designers, collectors, and aesthetes globally. Today Caitlin Dinkins and Minh Nguyen share this passion for creative provisions and their ideas about how to live differently in the world through as many like-minded outlets as possible.

"As business owners we pledge to remain earnest in our intent to manifest good, and with our ever evolving cadre of artists, craftspeople and designers, to continually remain socially aware and in this way, expand our ideas about beauty, aesthetics, and culture. We hope you will join us!"

With love and gratitude,

Minh and Caitlin


Our original artworks are created In-House by MFA and BFA artists including Co-Founder Caitlin Dinkins. The paintings are scanned, printed and treated by hand multiple times on heavy rag paper with a final overlay of paint, ink, stain, and metallic leaf.

They are then signed and numbered in editions of 100, with an embossed authenticity label and framed In-House in a bespoke locally milled Walnut, richly lacquered, or gilded frame.


Our represented artists, based in Los Angeles, throughout the United States, and abroad, are an embodiment of our initiative to curate a diverse point of view, and to expand ideas about aesthetics, beauty and culture.

Printed in-house by expert printers on thick rag paper and framed in bespoke, locally milled walnut, richly lacquered or gilded frame, they are signed and numbered in editions of 100 with an embossed authenticity label.


We have envisioned ZBC Everyday as a collection of artworks that are exceptional, unique and that feel exquisitely real. We want this broader reach to mix with our exclusive core collection in order to engage with a new client base and first-time decorators.

Our objective with this collection is to seed new dialogue, open new worlds of creativity and provide the instant gratification and pure joy of ownership.